which way is technology taking us?

Advancements in technology grow more and more fascinating with each passing day. The automated L line subway train in New York City, the driver-free Google car, software for exceptionally fast legal document review — to name just a few.

Suddenly all those Sci-Fi movies we watched growing up don’t seem so surreal. But as we make new technology part of  our everyday lives, it’s hard not to think about the potential ramifications. Will unemployment in an already struggling economy increase? Will humans grow lazy and end up with underdeveloped social, physical, and mental skills?

Even if the answer to all these questions was a certain yes, it’s so hard not to also think about all the good that can result — being able to help people with physical limitations mobilize themselves; being able to make the purchase decision process faster and easier for the consumer.

So what is one to do? Embrace new technology while — at the same time — trying to figure out a way to keep human beings competitive? Or just enjoy the now and leave everything else for future generations to deal with?

Photo credit: Dan McKay

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